Jennifer Rouff - Telecommunicator

Jenifer Rouff.jpg

I grew up in Yuma and am a proud Yuma High Criminal Alum! I moved to Tucson after graduation and attended the UofA for Undergrad and Medical School. I spent every trip home hanging out at the Yuma PD communication center, where my mother worked as a Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST). After starting my first year of Family Practice residency, I realized that medicine just wasn’t for me. However, having spent so much time in a dispatch center over those years, I thought that I would give it a try. Believe me when I say that I understand how switching careers can be scary, but don’t let fear keep you from finding something you enjoy. I love the sense of community I experience when working as a telecommunicator and there is no other job like it. No two calls are ever the same. The work is very fulfilling and there is always room for growth. I now work as a Communications Training Officer; helping to train incoming PST’s. As advice for anyone interested in the field, I say “Go for it and don’t’ get overwhelmed. The payoff is worth it.” We have a great department with a lot of camaraderie. Even though it can get hectic at times, the job is truly satisfying. There is still plenty of time for life and family outside of work. Our community is extremely supportive, and I couldn’t  ask for more.